April 4 2012

2012 Razzies Winners Announced

It’s quite an accomplishment when one movie sweeps an entire awards ceremony, but it’s happened.

Congratulations to Adam Sandler and his film Jack & Jill!

Back in February the Razzie nominations were announced, and while it was impressive Jack & Jill and it’s star, Adam Sandler appeared in every category, but who could have guessed it would win them all!  Even the Razzie committee said this was a first in the 32 year history of the awards.  What an honor.

Here’s a reminder of all the nominations, and I’ve bolded the “winners” in case you’re confused.

How do these train wrecks keep getting made?

Worst Picture:

Worst Actor:

Worst Actress:

Worst Supporting Actress:

Worst Supporting Actor:

Worst Screen Ensemble:

Worst Director:

Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel

Worst Screen Couple:

Worst Screenplay:

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