April 9 2012

The Hunger Games Sinks the Titanic

The Hunger Games movie poster Despite facing some stiff competitors this weekend, The Hunger Games remained in the top spot.

With another $33.5 million, The Hunger Games won its third consecutive weekend at the box office and it saw it surpass $300 million in domestic box office.  With its international take, the film now has a worldwide gross of $459.9 million.

Coming in second was American Reunion, the latest entry in the American Pie series.  It opened with $21.5 million, one of the weakest openings yet in the series.  I personally got tired of the franchise after the second film, so not sure why they’ve kept going with it.

Third place went to the 3D re-release of Titanic, which many thought would take the top spot.  It brought in $17.35 million, and in total has so far taken in $25 million.  The 3D conversion is said to have cost $18 million, so we’ll see if the project ended up being a good idea or not.

Wrath of the Titans slid 55.1% to $15 million and is looking to pretty much go down in the books as a flop as it had a $150 million budget.  With only $59 million in domestic box office after two weekends, things are definitely not going well.

Coming in fifth was Mirror, Mirror with a 39% decline to $11 million.  While it’s still not a success, that’s a healthy hold for a second weekend.

Surprisingly 21 Jump Street was in sixth with $10 million.  This really is looking like it’s turning into a surprise success.  What’s not a surprise success?  John Carter landed in ninth place with $820,000.

Next weekend is looking good for The Hunger Games again as the big releases are Lockout, The Cabin in the Woods and The Three Stooges. None of these three films look set for successful launches.

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