April 12 2012

Mockingbird Lane Artwork Shows Us the New Munsters

Munsters First Look

The first design images for Mockingbird Lane, the remake of The Munsters, have been released, and it is definitely a whole new direction.

Bryan Fuller, the creator behind Pushing Daisies, is moving ahead with his modern day re-do of the camp classic, The Munsters.  The new series will film its pilot in June, and should it go to series it will be a darker series than the original with a modern take on what it would be like if monsters truly lived amongst us.

As you can see in the image above from Entertainment Weekly (click for a larger view), the characters are taking on a much different look than their 1960’s counterparts.

The original Munsters

I’m intrigued by what I’m seeing, but I think this is another instance of, “why not just go with an original idea?” Why did they have use The Munsters? Why not just tale the idea of monsters in the real world, slap some original names on them, change their relationships a bit (Instead of having Eddie Izzard play grandpa, have him be “The father from the old country,” and give him a name that somehow relates to “Vlad?” See? Was that so hard to make it new?) and not worry about the old license?  If this series was maintaining The Munsters name as opposed to using their address, I could see it was you could write it off as capturing old fans, but instead most people won’t ever even realize what they are seeing.

I will say this artwork gives me a bit more interest in the new show, but I just can’t grasp why it had to be a remake.

[via Coming Soon]

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