April 16 2012

Hunger Games Nose Slaps The Three Stooges

The Hunger Games movie posterIt’s four weekends at the top for The Hunger Games.

Despite the numbers falling as movies do, The Hunger Games is staying in the top spot again.  The film brought in another $21.5 million this weekend bringing its domestic total to $337 million.

Second place went to the new version of The Three Stooges which broung in a respectable $17.1 million.  The reviews haven’t been the best, however, so it’s somewhat doubtful that this movie will have any staying power.

The Cabin in the Woods opened to $14.85 million which seems a little weak as it has been a little while since a horror film hit the theaters, but we’ll see how it does in the coming weeks. It’s unlikely it will hold up.

Titanic 3D slipped 32.7% to land in fourth place with $11.62 million.  That’s a very decent hold, but apparently people weren’t that anxious to see the film in 3D.

American Reunion took a 50.3% hit, which is fine, but when you didn’t start out that strong, it’s not good. The film fell from second to fifth this week with $10.7 million.

Nothing seems to be really growing any legs as of late outside of The Hunger Games, and the only big release next week is the new Zac Efron romance The Lucky One.  It might be able to knock out the current champ, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

John Carter?  Landed in 18th place with $346,000 bringing its domestic total to $68.7 million.  Foreign is up to $200.6 million, and off of a $250 million budget, this has turned into pretty much a total disaster for Disney.

On a side note, Battleship, which opens domestically on May 18, has already opened in the foreign markets and is actually doing well.  It’s hit $58 million so far, but no word on its final budget.

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