April 19 2012

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Cast and Story Structure Gets Discussed

Sin City: A Dame to Kill ForIt’s hard to believe, but it looks like Sin City: A Dame to Kill For really is going to happen.

Announced just last week, Robert Rodriguez is already starting to discuss the casting process for the follow-up to his 2005 Sin City.  Speaking with MTV, the director shared some details on who may return.

We still have to cast. I’m shooting Machete [Kills] next month, and we go right into Sin City [A Dame to Kill For].  It might overlap, but we haven’t done any casting yet, except for the people who we know are already in it and returning.   A Dame to Kill For, all those people come back. I just had lunch with Mickey [Rourke] this weekend. He’s all excited to come back, but he’s probably the first one. I saw Rosario [Dawson] too. I ran into her for something else, and she’s pumped. They’ve always been excited about doing another one, so that will be fun.

As I explained previously, the Sin City books are done out of order, so although we saw Marv (Mickey Rourke) die in the first film, there is nothing stopping him from showing up in the sequel.

Rodriguez had this to say about the long rumored possibility of Angelina Jolie’s involvement with this project..

It was immediately [known] that we were going to do it. I think it was 2007, and I was already meeting with Angelina Jolie and people to do it. The Weinsteins had just started a new company. They just didn’t have the money to do it at the time. It was like, “Go do another movie or two and come back. We’ll be ready.” I went off and did a couple movies. Frank went off and did some movies. Then it got harder and harder to come back and find the time to do it. We missed that moment when it was ready to go. Then it was so far afterwards that it might as well have been any time now, but people never lost their appetite for it. They still come up to us and say “When are you doing another ‘Sin City’?” We thought we had to do it at some point. Now we’re just making the time.

I haven’t even gotten to meet with her yet about it or discuss with Frank about who we would want to go with or talk to first. That’s a fun process, but that probably won’t happen in the next month.

The last interesting tidbit was that everyone really enjoyed the format of the first film being three stories, and while they plan to keep with that theme for this time, only one of them will be made up of previous material.

Dramatically, the three-act structure has lasted and is tried and true. I did an anthology before called “Four Rooms,” and if you look it up, anthologies are never successful. That’s the end of that, I thought. Then I said, “I bet I can do an anthology if it’s the same director, and not four, not five, not eight stories. That’s too many.” Three is a good number. I think two is just weird. Three feels like a dramatic structure, even if they’re separate stories. I feels like one, two, three acts and maybe a wrap around. It worked on “Sin City,” and that’s probably the first anthology that ever worked, that I can think of. So I’m going to stick with that template because, one, I invented it. I can claim it and go, “I’m going to do it again.” If it doesn’t work, then I’ll know that “Sin City” was just a fluke.


If we did just one story, the audience might feel cheated that they didn’t get a bigger glimpse of it, especially having waited so long.  So, lets go back to the three story structure.  We’ll take A Dame to Kill For, which already pre-exists, and have Frank [Miller] come up with two more new stories and a wrap-around so it feels similar in structure to the first one, but even more expanded than that.

With the news that we’ll get two brand new stories set in Basin City, I’m more excited than ever to see this film take shape.

[via MTV]

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