May 8 2012

Florida Teacher Accused with Having Sex with Student During Class

Kacy Christine WilsonA former Florida teacher has been arrested over accusations that she had sex with an underage student during the school day in a closet attached to her classroom.

According to police reports, Kacy Christine Wilson, 28, was taken into custody last week over allegations she had sex with a 16-year-old student.  Supposedly Ms. Wilson called the student out of another class at Osceola High School under the guise that he had left something in her room when he left class.  The student, who has since confirmed the event, claims that upon entering the room she slammed him against a wall and began to make out with him.  As the incident progressed she moved them into a closet attached to her room and proceeded to have sexual intercourse with him.

The allegations first arose last October when an anonymous letter to the school leveled accusations that Ms. Wilson had engaged in sexual relations with multiple students.  The letter was turned over to the authorities for investigation, but when she was confronted with the information she refuted the claims, resigned her position and moved to Colorado.

Up until recently the student had not confirmed the claims, but on April 20 he officially went on record with everything that had happened.  He went to the police and confirmed the original allegations and also provided them with topless photos Wilson had recently texted to him.

Wilson was arrested in Salida, Colorado and extradited to Osceola County where she is now in jail with her bond set at $85,000.

[Thanks to Jo for the tip]

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