June 5 2012

Justice League Film Picks Up a Scribe

Justice League

From the “I’m not surprised in the least” file, Warner Brothers has picked up a screenwriter to work on a Justice League film.

According to Variety, Warner Brothers has signed Gangster Squad scribe Will Beall to start work on a Justice League project.  For those of you unfamiliar with the name, think of it as the Avengers for the DC Comics universe, with just about every character in the universe having rotated through it at one time or another, but the original members, however, were Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter.

Beall has become the go-to guy for Warner Brothers as he’s also working on a reboot of Lethal Weapon and Logan’s Run.  If he has the chops for a comic film remains to be seen.

While it isn’t surprising in the least that Warner Brothers wants to jump on to this bandwagon as the Marvel film is now north of $1.3 billion.  The problem is that Marvel took its time to build up to its team film with five solo films.  It’s clear that the Christopher Nolan Batman films won’t fit in with a team film, but there is some chance that next year’s new Superman film, Man of Steel, could be a launching point.

This is where Warner Brothers needs to do some analysis and realize that what Marvel did was build a shared cinematic universe, showed some patience and played a long game.  If Warner Brothers is looking for a script for the team film now, it says to me they are going right for the desert and skipping the salad and dinner.  A team film without the build up like which happened with Marvel will lead to a whole lot of the film being spent on explaining the characters, why they would work together and so forth.

We’ll see what happens, but as it stands right now, it sounds to me like Warner Brothers may be setting up for yet another cinematic failure.

[via Variety]

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