June 8 2012

Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman Get Their First Official Doctor Who Image

Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman - 640

The first image of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who with his yet-to-be-named-companion played by Jenna-Louise Coleman has been released by the BBC.

Filming for the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special is underway, and as it will feature the first appearance of Jenna-Louise Coleman as the new companion, it only makes sense that an official image has finally been released.  This is clearly a behind-the-scenes shot (click the image for a much larger view) , so you can’t read much in to Ms. Coleman’s body language, but as Smith is in an updated Doctor’s costume (apparently waistcoats have been added to the “cool” list), it seems pretty safe to assume that she is in costume as well.

When Coleman was first announced as the new companion back in March, there was some Internet speculation that her character might not be from Earth, but from her attire, it seems pretty safe to say that is indeed where she comes from.

While her character has not yet been given a name, some fans claim to have heard her referred to as “Clara” during the filming of exterior shots.

While I am still saddened to see Karen Gillian leaving the series as Amy Pond, I’m always intrigued by the introduction of new companions.  How will they handle the insanity that is the Doctor’s life?  Will they mesh with his personality?  There is a lot to be taken into consideration.

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