June 9 2012

Dredd Images Enough to Send Fans Back Into Depression

Dredd logo

It looks as though fans of the Judge Dredd comic character may be about to get the wrong end of the deal once again.

As if the 1995 Stallone film didn’t mentally scar long time Judge Dredd fans badly enough, a new image released yesterday was enough to make me shake my head and start mumbling to myself.

Joblo (in case you couldn’t tell from the annoying watermarks the site put on the images … I love it when sites watermark images like this) got a hold of two new images along with the first teaser poster.  While there was nothing that interesting in the photos, it’s what wasn’t there that was disheartening.

Dredd Mega-City One teaser - small

The image above shows what you assume to be Judge Dredd walking out a Justice Department hanger to go on patrol.  In the background you see the skyline of Mega-City One and some pickup trucks other Judges are standing around.  Now, lets compare this to a comic book shot of Mega-City One and vehicles.

Mega-City One - small

Mega-City One has always been depicted as a sprawling city with impossibly tall buildings that are crammed up tightly against one another. The majority of the populace resides in “Blocks,” which are gigantic skyscrapers that people can go their entire lives without ever leaving. Occasionally Block Wars will break out that will see one block declare war on a neighboring block and as they are so tightly built together you can shoot hand guns from one block to another.  Looking at the picture above, that is far from the case.

As for the vehicles, while wheeled vehicles do exist in the world of Dredd, nothing has ever looked like a beat-up Toyata you picked up on a used car lot and it came with a complimentary toaster.

While I don’t like movies relying too heavily on CGI, you would expect it from a film such as this.  Yes, it had a $40 million dollar budget, but I have seen some pretty amazing things done on far smaller budgets.

These are both faily minor things, but it does cause some worry.  If they can’t get simple things like the skyline and the vehicles right, what else have they gotten wrong?

Hopefully I’m wrong and there’s more to this, but that sure isn’t an encouraging sample.

Dredd teaser poster - small

[via Joblo]

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