June 11 2012

Madgascar 3 Throws a Circus at the Top Box Office Spot

Madagascar 3 movie posterThe box office was taken over by talking animals, but it wasn’t quite as a clear cut victory as most expected.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted took over the number one spot at the box office this weekend with $60.3 million.  That puts it slightly behind the second film in the series, which seems to be a trend as of late with threequels.  (I.E. Men in Black 3)

Coming in second was Prometheus with $50 million.  This was a bit of a surprise as R-rated science fiction films don’t typically perform to those kind of numbers.  It should be interesting to see where this one goes.

Snow White and the Huntsman took a major hit, sliding 59.1% to being in $23 million. Word of mouth and two big debuts definitely took a hit on the film.

Fourth place went to Men in Black 3 with $13.5 million. It’s still trailing behind the second installment in the series and that trend certainly doesn’t look to be changing.

Landing in fifth place was, you guessed, it was The Avengers with another $10.8 million bringing its domestic total to $571.8 million.  It looks set to pass $1.4 billion worldwide on either Monday or Tuesday.

Next week will see the release of the musical Rock of Ages and the comedy That’s My Boy.

Battleship?  $2.2 million for a domestic total of $59 million off of a $209 million budget.  Oops.

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