June 12 2012

Dollar Shave Club: Is it Worth It?

Tired of paying through the nose for razor blades? Dollar Shave Club may be just what you need.

Announced back in March via the video you see above, the concept went viral when everyone started spreading the link around.  Cheap shaving blades?  Color me intrigued.  Although I started off shaving in my teens with an electric razor, I found I really preferred traditional shaving, but I despise how much it costs.  I even transitioned to shaving only once every one to two weeks to save money over going back to an electric shaver.

So, a dollar for blades?  I was in.  Except $1 (plus shipping) only got you a dual blade system, so I opted to go for $6 a month (plus shipping) for the four blade system.  There is also an option to go for a six blade head, but that just seemed like over kill to me.  Here are all the pictures of what my first shipment looked like.  (click through for larger versions)

In the first shipment you receive the handle for the blades, but future shipments will just be the cartridges. You can change your subscription at any time and you will receive a corresponding handle for the change. What I haven’t heard yet is if there is a way to request a replacement handle should anything happen to the original.

All the pricing in the world means diddle if the razors don’t work well.  I generally shave with Gillette Mach 3s, so I was using one more blade than usual, but I don’t expect that to make a huge difference.  To be honest, when I first started shaving with the DSC head, I thought, “Oh boy, this isn’t good, I can’t feel it doing anything.”  Turns out that was because it was doing such a good job.  This was quite honestly the closest, cleanest shave I’ve had in quite some time.  The blades may not cost you an arm and a leg, but they don’t adhere to the, “You get what you pay for” adage.

With the shaving out of the way, I do have one major concern: Travelling.  While this is a great system, I travel extensively for work, and if I should be between shipments, I could easily run out of cartridges while on the road, and since the handle uses exclusive heads, I couldn’t just run into a drug store and pick up new ones.  Switching exclusively to the DSC system would be a difficult effort for me, but it will still save me money in the long run as I can just buy some Mach 3 blades and save them only for when I travel.

I’ll have to do some more shaving with these to make sure they really are as good as I think, but from my first go with them, I have to say I’m both impressed and pleased with them.

If you do choose to sign up for Dollar Shave Club, I do request you go through this link because, yes, I will earn free months.  Yay!

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