June 15 2012

The Joys of Travel

service engine soon

I have come to a conclusion: Man was not meant to travel.  Period.

Currently I am in a hotel in Kansas City so I can board an 8 AM flight to Dallas, and then another flight to Irvine.  Once there I’ll be spending two weeks at the TechnoBuffalo offices to do some training and have some meetings.

All that is fine and good, but the issues are in getting there.  As I have no major airport in Kirksville, I have to drive three hours to an airport.  That is all on me, I choose to live in the middle of nowhere.  However, back in the 1990’s, while preparing to go to Toy Fair in New York City, our car broke down on the way to the airport.  Luckily we had left the day before the flight and we got there, but that became our rule for all flights: Leave the day before.

Today only proved why my family does this.  After having dinner at Jose Pepper’s – my all time favorite Mexican restaurant – I jumped in my car to drive the 15 remaining miles to my hotel, and I saw the light come on that you see above.  (Yes, my car is dusty, get over it.)  I have no clue what the problem is, but my engine is making strange sounds.  As I’m leaving it here for two weeks my father is coming down to look at it and possibly haul it back home.  How I will get home from KC will be decided later.

It just seems that I can’t go anywhere without some sort of problem cropping up.  During the drive here I came up on a major car accident about 2 or so minutes after it happened; I had to avoid idiotic drivers all day; No one seems to know how to pass.

… Can I just stay in my bedroom?

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