June 17 2012

The Joys of Travel, Part II

expired plate - 1

The joys of travel just keep coming.

The license plate you see above is what I happened to notice on my rental car today. I picked it up yesterday when I got to Irvine, and I just happened to glance down at the plate today and thought, “Huh … maybe California does its tags differently.”  I emailed Jon Rettinger, president of TechnoBuffalo, to verify that the place was indeed expired before I yelled at the rental company, and he said it was.  (I was 99.9% sure it was, but on the off chance it worked differently here I just wanted to be sure)

Being Sunday, the location I rented from was closed, so I called the national number, and they arranged for me to swap cars at an airport location.  They were happy to help me, and brought another car around to me.  I jokingly looked down at the plate and …

expired plate - 2

At least this time the manager that was helping me decided to make sure no one would make the mistake again.

expired tags

He tells me he’s going to get me another car, and after a few minutes he comes back and goes, “Well, the next two cars I looked at … uh … they also had expired plates.” He finally set me up with a new car with valid plates.

I am not naming the rental company as the people I worked with all tried their best to rectify the situation … and I now have a nice pile of free upgrade coupons.

It was definitely one of the oddest mornings I’ve had in some time.

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