June 18 2012

Madgascar 3 Animals Stampede Over the Competition in its Second Week

Madagascar 3 movie posterNothing could stop the Afro Party going on up at the top of the box office.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted won its second weekend with $35.5 million, which represented a very healthy drop of 41.1%. To compare, Cars 2 dropped around 60% in its second weekend.

Prometheus, on the other hand, didn’t fare as well and fell 60.4% to land in second with $20.2 million. We’ll just have to see where this one ends up going.

Third place went to Rock of Ages with a very anemic $15 million. This is even worse than the early projections that had it pegged at $20 million for the weekend.

Coming in fourth was Snow White and the Huntsman with $13.8 million, which just continues the decline of the film that won the top spot two weekends ago and made everyone think this summer was going to be saved.

The real disaster this weekend was most definitely the Adam Sandler/Andy Sandberg comedy That’s My Boy which landed with a resounding thud in fifth place with $13 million.

Overall this weekend was down 15% from the same time period last year, and things just aren’t looking good in Hollywood.

Next weeks big releases are Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Pixar’s newest, Brave. Brave should easily win the top spot, but I have no clue how the horror film based around the 16th president will do.

Battleship, by the way, landed in 11th with $1.62 million which brings its domestic total to just over $62 million off of a $209 million budget. You may commence laughing.

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