June 24 2012

The Joys of Travel, Part III – Stupid People

water equipment

One of the joys when I travel is running into the insanely stupid things people do because they are completely incapable of using their brains.

I did not intend to make The Joys of Travel a series, but things just keep getting my attention during this current trip to California. Upon reaching my hotel last Saturday, I was greeted by a hallway full of equipment like what you see above. There were also multiple workmen running up and down the stairs to various floors. This was the room next to mine, and seemed to have no impact on me, but for the most part I ignored it.

While walking out to my car, however, my curiosity kicked in and I had to ask if they were shampooing the rugs or something. One of the workmen looked at me and just simply said, “Flood.”

Oh goody.

Two days into my stay at this hotel, when the above picture was taken, the equipment was still chugging away 24/7. I had also noticed while I was outside the curtains for the corresponding rooms on floors 2, 3 and 4 were also blowing around in a similar manner. Once again, my natural curiosity kicked in.

I went up front and asked the desk clerk how much longer I’d be listening to the equipment. They weren’t sure how much longer it would be, but they were hoping to be done soon. (To their defense, they offered to turn it off at night for me, but I insisted they had a problem to take care of and I’d live.) I then asked what the heck happened, and the woman manning the counter just shook her head.

You know how every hotel room you have ever been in has big signs about not hanging anything from a fire sprinkler? Well some less than intelligent female decided in the 4th floor room that this rule didn’t apply to her, so she hung her wedding dress from it.  Her act of brilliance flooded not only her room, but the one on the third floor … the one on the second floor … and, yes, the first floor room.  It actually got it the worst since it was at the bottom.

The rooms are now cleaned up and people staying in them again with the exception of the fourth floor one, I’m not sure what the issue is in that one.

This is one of those cases where I really hope this woman has been charged through the nose for the cleanup, and the vindictive side of me hopes her dress was ruined.  There is a point where stupidity just needs to be punished.  If you can’t be considerate enough to read the signs and follow them, then you get what you deserve.

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