June 29 2012

Highlander Reboot Set to Star Ryan Reynolds

Highlander reboot commentIt looks as though the Seventh Seal has been broken and Ryan Reynolds will indeed be playing Connor Macleod in the Highlander reboot.

Rumors have been circulating for a bit now that Ryan Reynolds would be signing on to the Highlander remake, and according to The Tracking Board, the deal has been done.

Summit Entertainment has been discussing rebooting Highlander since 2009, and after several false starts it seems like it’s finally going to become an unfortunate reality.  Even looking past the fact this movie does not need a remake, the idea of Reynolds bringing his trademark smirk and acerbic comments to the role just make no sense to anyone who has seen the original.  Doesn’t the name “Highlander” kind of imply someone from Scotland, and not a smarmy Canadian?  True, Christopher Lambert wasn’t Scottish either, but at least he wasn’t someone who made lame jokes.

Just stop it, Hollywood.  Now you’re just being sadistic.

[via The Tracking Board]

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