June 30 2012

Unforgettable Gets a Second Chance

UnforgettableTalk about coming back from the dead! Unforgettable has been renewed for a second season after having already received the axe.

CBS announced last month that it had canceled freshman series Unforgettable, but in a strange turn of events it has now brought it back for a 13 episode second season to run in the summer of 2013. According to Deadline this took place after Sony Television, which co-produced the series with CBS, had started shopping it around to TNT and Lifetime.

The cancellation of this series actually came as a bit of s surprise, so seeing it return in this matter just keeps the head scratching decisions related to it coming.  This will mark the most high profile scripted summer series in some time for CBS, and it almost makes you wonder if it may be the first foray by the networks to try to battle back against the cable channel dominance of the summer months.  A shortened season (like cable shows), in the time of year that is typically devoid of new fare (except for cable shows) … keep your eyes peeler folks, I think I smell some change in the air at long last.

[via Deadline]

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