July 17 2012

Dolly Madison – 1 Year Later

tails 07-17-12

It’s hard to believe, but it has now been a year since I found a very malnourished kitten wandering on my property.  Now if I want to find her, I just look for what you see above.  (She’s on the right, McKinley on the left.)

The picture below is what I found on July 17,2011.


And this is her today.

Dolly Madison 07-17-12

I honestly didn’t know if she was going to be alive every time I went out to the room we were keeping her in. We had to keep her in isolation for months as we waited for her to gain enough weight for the vet to draw her blood and make sure she had no diseases. When I found her she weighed just 4 ounces, and now she’s around 6 lbs and energetic as anything, but it has been a long road to get her into this shape.

While I will never know who dumped her on my property, I hate them and thank them at the same time as she has turned into an awesome pet.  McKinley – who we found back in 2008 – wasn’t overjoyed when we first moved her out of isolation and into the building with him, but now they are the best of pals who do everything together … like get up in the window that they aren’t supposed to get up into.

McKinley and Maddie 07-17-12

So, for this one day I wanted to take a break from all the movie news and celebrate Maddie getting to the 1 year mark. We weren’t sure if she would make it, but she did … and as I type this sentence, McKinley and Maddie are having a wrestling match behind my chair … and she appears to be winning.

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