July 20 2012

The Events in Aurora, CO

Batman - head bowed

Very little in this world leaves me speechless.  The events that happened in Aurora, Colorado last night is one of those times.

As any regular readers of this blog know, I have been beyond excited for the release of The Dark Knight Rises.  To awake this morning to the news that someone had killed 12 people and wounded another 59 at a midnight screening was heart breaking.

What floored me even more was some of the tasteless and vulgar things I have seen through out the day.  From a thoughtless tweet from the NRA (since deleted):

@NRA_Rifleman Good morning, shooters. Happy Friday! Weekend plans?

After a backlash from the Twittersphere, it was removed, but really?

Then a few hours later, some clothing company I have never heard of posted the following (also since removed):

Celeb Botique tweet

You know, I don’t usually hope for a company to go out of business, but I think I’m willing to make an exception.  They have since apologized in a series of four tweets – 1, 2, 3 and 4 – but it comes off more as spin doctoring than anything.

Today happens to be my 41st birthday, and while I had planned to take the afternoon off from work to see the movie, I just find I have no interest in doing so today.  No. I am not cowering in fear over a copy cat event, nor am I trying to make this all about me, but the idea of sitting in a theater trying to enjoy a film that you know people lost their lives at less than 24 hours ago in such a senseles act of violence just doesn’t appeal to me.

What possible reason could anyone have for an act such as this?  I am sure it will come out that he was mentally unbalanced or some such reason, but you have to go fairly far for me to believe that it could possibly lead to you shooting 71 people.

My heart goes out to everyone impacted by this event.  No one should have to know tragedy like this in their lifetime, and I can’t even begin to imagine the pain you’re feeling.

For me, I will see the film eventually, but I just can’t imagine enjoying it today.  And while I look upon the tasteless comments, “jokes” and random acts of stupidity that surround this event, it makes me want to just punch the collective human race in the face.  And then I have moments where my fait is partially restored by the smallest of acts.

Some of you may know I run the TechnoBuffalo Minecraft server (if you’re a player, come join us at  Since the beginning of the server over a year ago my character has worn a Batman costume.  Today I found the logo in the Spawn area redecorated in honor of my birthday.  (click the image for a larger view.)

My faith in humanity is somewhat restored.

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