July 23 2012

No Box Office Report This Week

Due to the recent tragedy of what happened in Aurora, CO, I have opted to not report the box office numbers this week.  Rentrak, which typically does the projections, has also opted to not post the projections, but some numbers have still gotten out.  The “actuals” will be out later today, but it feels inappropriate to obsess over financial numbers at a time like this.

Of course, as I saw over the weekend, it was “torture” for some people to not know the numbers.

Dark Knight Rises tweets

I threw the last one in for good measure. Please feel free to mock all three of those people publicly.  Yes, absolute “torture” not knowing.

I actually felt Craig Ferguson has one of the best reactions to the event. As he films his Friday episode on Thursdays, he came back into the studio to film a new opening to replace his monologue that was filled with Batman jokes. It was a classy move, and a well spoken reaction.

The weekly box office report will return next week.

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