July 25 2012

The Hobbit May Become Three Movies

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You know that trend of breaking a book into two movies? What about if you broke it into three?

According to a report from Deadline, New Line and financiers Warner Bros. & MGM have begun internal discussions about the possibility of turning The Hobbit into a trilogy of films.  Apparently this is based on comments by Peter Jackson that he was already filming some of the notes JRR Tolkien wrote in the 125 page appendices found in Return of the King.  Of course it makes sense to try to pad that out to a full-length third film.

This is a situation where I don’t know who to blame.  Do I blame Peter Jackson?  Do I blame the studios?  I really don’t care who it is as someone gets blamed for being money grubbing asses.  How about you just focus on making the best movie – as in singular – that you can instead of trying to extend it until three potentially sub-par films.  There’s nothing quite like padding a movie, but what will probably be two hours of padding?  No thank you.

Someone please stop the studios before they touch us in our no-no place again.  (I mean our wallets … get your mind out of the gutter.)

[via Deadline]

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