July 30 2012

Dark Knight Rises Wins its Second Weekend

Dark Knight Rises movie posterIt may not be raking in the same cash as its predecessor, but the third Batman film from Christopher Nolan is still doing pretty good.

In its second weekend at the box office, The Dark Knight Rises brought in $64 million, down 60.5% from its huge opening weekend. That is not a great sign of things to come, but the film has done $289 million domestic so far, and $537.2 million worldwide off of a $250 million dollar budget, so its pretty safe to say folks will still be happy with it.  Currently it is $24 million behind where The Dark Knight was at this time domestically.

Coming in second was Ice Age: Continental Drift with $13.3 million.  It is trailing Ice Age 3 by a pretty significant amount, so its hard to say where this one will end up, but my gut is telling me this is probably the end of the series.

The new Ben Stiller/Jonah Hill/Vince Vaughn comedy The Watch opened weak with only $13 million from 3,168 screens. It is doubtful it will make back its $68 million dollar budget at this point. Considering from what I’ve seen in the trailers, that seems justified.

Step Up Revolution didn’t fare much better, opening up to $11.8 million off of a $33 million dollar budget. Considering this movie just kind of appeared one day, I’m not too surprised.

Rounding out the top five, Ted is still hanging in there and brought in another $7.35 million to bring its domestic total to $193.6 million off of a $50 million dollar budget. This can definitely be classified as one of the few hits this summer.

Of interest, sixth place went to The Amazing Spider-Man with $6.8 million, bringing its domestic total to $242 million after 27 days in release.  The problem with this is at the 27 day mark, Spider-Man 3, which was roundly despised by critics and fans, was at $309 million.  Add in 3D ticket prices and 2D ticket inflation, and the attendance numbers are way off for this reboot.

And this is a bit of a shocker, but while Battleship is still in theaters ($86,000 this weekend), it appears that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has already been pulled from its theatrical run.  If this is correct, it ended its domestic run with $36.6 million off of a $66 million dollar budget.

Despite huge successes like The Avengers, this is not going to be a summer that the film industry looks back upon fondly.  This weekend in particular, a lot of the blame was put on the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, and seeing as it was the highest rated ones ever for a Summer Games, I can see why.

The big releases next weekend are Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 and Total Recall.  The previous two Wimpy Kids have done alright, but not anything that will shake up the box office.  As for Total Recall, I just can’t figure out who this thing is going to do.  I’ll say this, from the footage I’ve seen it “looks” good from a design perspective, but do I really need to see this story again?

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