August 4 2012

Dredd Movie Poster – Remember When Posters Were Awesome?

Remember when movie posters were awesome? Whatever happened to that?

I used to love a good movie poster, and I have many from the 1980s, but any more I just look at them and go, “… eh.”  A one-sheet – as they are known – should tell you something about the movie, and try to entice you into buying a ticket, but any more they tell you absolutely nothing about the film.

Case in point, the final poster for Dredd 3D was released this week, and lets take a look at it.  (Click the image for a larger view)

Dredd movie poster - 640

Now, lets play the part of someone who has no clue who Judge Dredd is, your average person walking around a movie theater if you will.

I’m excited for this movie, but this poster tells you pretty much nothing about the film.  It doesn’t immediately imply it’s set in the future in any way.  It doesn’t tell you that Dredd is a Judge, and that those are the equivalent of the police in the future.  It tells you … well … nothing.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not just calling Dredd 3D out here, in general, movie posters are horrible these days and rely far too much on you having seen a trailer or other advertising to have any sort of clue what the movie is going to be about. Of course, there are old example as well of a poster telling you absolutely nothing.  I think the poster below was for a movie about making sure not to crack open spoiled eggs.

Alien movie poster

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