August 6 2012

Dark Knight Rises Beats Out Total Recall in its Third Weekend

Dark Knight Rises movie posterThe third Batman film from Christopher Nolan stayed on top, beating its biggest challenge yet.

In its third weekend at the box office, The Dark Knight Rises brought in $36.4 million, dropping a further 41.3% from its previous weekend.  It’s still trailing behind The Dark Knight by about $40 million from the same point its run with a domestic gross of $354.6 million.

Total Recall opened with a disappointing $26 million off of a $125 million budget, which means things are not going to end well for this remake.  Raise your hand if you’re surprised by this … anyone?  Anyone?

Coming in fittingly in third was Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 with $14.7 million. This is off from the opening of the previous two films, but it is the first to test the water in the summer months, and with a $22 million budget, there probably isn’t a whole lot of hand wringing at the studio.

Fourth place went to Ice Age: Continental Drift with $8.4 million.  It is still trailing Ice Age 3 by a pretty significant amount, and at this late date there is little to no hope of it catching up.

The Ben Stiller/Jonah Hill/Vince Vaughn comedy The Watch dropped to fifth place with a 50.2 percent from last weekend to bring in $6.35 million.  Its domestic gross is at $25.3 million, meaning it has next to no shot of making back its $68 million budget in its theatrical run.

The only big release next weekend is Hope Springs, so odds are pretty good the lineup isn’t going to change a whole lot next week.

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