August 7 2012

Arrested Development Set to Begin Today

Arrested Development - banner

The impossible is set to happen today as Arrested Development is going to begin filming ned episodes today for Netflix.

Cancelled in 2006 by Fox, fans have tried everything they can to get at least one more little taste of Arrested Development.  There has been talk time and time again of a movie, but nothing ever seemed to be actually taking shape.  Then late last year the truly shocking happened: Netflix said new Arrested Development episode would be released in 2013.

Netflix agreed to a 10 episode season which would allow the series to make a bridge to the eventual feature film.  While this was exciting, it still seemed like the impossible was happening and that things could go wrong at any moment.

Then we move forward a couple of weeks and find images of a script, and actual sets being built of location from the original series.  Things are just getting so real with the resurrection of this cult series that seems that it feels like a dream.

And, then we learn not everything is sealed.  Despite every cast member saying they were ready to come back, it seems that in this 11th hour that not all of the contracts are signed just yet.  Deadline is reporting that it is expected that all nine main cast members will be back, but I’ll believe it when I see it for sure.  Should they all come back, the line-up will be:

As the cherry on top to all of this, apparently there is already talk of additional seasons on Netflix should this first one perform well.  Seeing the rabid nature of fans of this show, I’m pretty positive that the company shall see an upswing in subscriptions when it announces the release date for the  first new adventures of the Bluth family in seven years.

[via Deadline]

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