August 10 2012

Red Dawn Remake Finally Receives a Trailer and Release Date

The remake of Red Dawn has finally received a trailer and a release date of Nov. 21.

Filming on a remake of the 1984 film Red Dawn began in 2009, but thanks to a bankruptcy at MGM, it ended up sitting on a shelf for some time.  Then at that came to a close, it was decided that the bad guys in the film needed to be changed from being the Chinese to the North Koreans so that the film could play in the growing film market in China.  Under $1 million dollars was spent to edit the opening that explained the back story, edit two scenes and digitally change some Chinese written characters to Korean.  Even after all of that, there still wasn’t a firm release date, but now it has finally hit along with a trailer.

Potentially the funniest part of this whole saga has been that during the time this film has collected dust, the relative unknown lead actor has risen to stardom.  Chris Hemsworth, the man who is now best known for playing Thor in the self-titled film and The Avengers, takes the lead in this film.  While there is still absolutely no need for this remake to even exist, you know the folks at MGM have had to be excited to watch his career grow while they have been keeping this film locked up in a vault somewhere.

While I actually enjoyed the original film, this is a very different world these days, and I just don’t see this playing well with audiences no matter who may be starring in it.  Tucking its release back in the holiday season also tells me MGM doesn’t have a whole lot of hopes for it, but we shall see.  No matter how unnecessary this film may be, a lot of people worked hard on it, and they are sure to be thrilled to finally know that people will see it.

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