August 14 2012

NBC Closes Out the Olympics With More Odd Choices

NBC London 2012 logoIt appears I should have waited until NBC was totally done with the Olympics before I ranted as it found ways to make things even worse.

As the final day in London wound down, I opted to watch a good chunk of the closing ceremonies on the live stream.  It was a bit odd, but for the most part enjoyable.  As I missed sections of it I figured I would watch the broadcast version as well.  And then the problems started …

The sad reality is that the ratings have shown the entire Olympics to be the most watched TV event in history.  NBC will pat it self on the back about what an awesome job it did, not realizing it really was people just wanting to enjoy the event.  We didn’t need Bob Costas and his constant NBC pimping.  We didn’t need the mocking of the race walkers.  And no one – and I mean no one – needs Ryan Seacrest.


So, thanks for giving me one last parting shot to dislike you NBC.  Oh, by the way, during the presentation by Rio for the 2016 games?  You spent the past two weeks telling me every detail ever, even when I wanted you to shut up, but somehow during the Rio presentation you couldn’t tell me jack-all about who the performers were who were obviously celebrities in their home country?  Awesome.  Glad to see your research team doing such a crack job.

It was just one mistake, insult and “editing choice” after another, and sadly NBC will count this whole thing as a success.

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