August 20 2012

Expendables 2 Blows Up the Box Office

The Expendables 2 movie posterIt looks like at least a few people were up for another film about things just blowing up … a lot.

The Expendables 2 won the box office this weekend with an estimated $28.7 million. This is off of the $34 million opening of the original, but the (thankfully false) bomb threat called into the Carmike Cinema chain may have been part of the issue.

Coming in second was The Bourne Legacy with $17 million, a drop of 55.4% from last weekend. It appears that perhaps Matt Damon was a bit more important to the series than some suspected.

ParaNorman opened in third with $14 million which is lower than most animated features of late. It played on over 3,400 screens, but seeing as I can pretty much count the amount of TV ads I saw for this movie on one hand, I’m not too surprised by this result.

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis’ The Campaign came in fourth with $13.3 million for the weekend, representing a decline of 49.7% from last weekend. In comedy and box office terms, that isn’t too bad of a showing for the second weekend.

Wrapping up the top five was Sparkle with $12 million. This film received a last minute push due to the appearance of Whitney Houston in it in one of her final pieces of work. Seeing as the movie was made on a $14 million dollar budget it should do fine.

Elsewhere on the list, it looks like Hollywood has another disaster on its hands with Total Recall. It failed to win its opening weekend, it fell to fifth place last week and this week found it in tenth place with only $3.5 million. That brings its domestic total to $51.7 million, with foreign markets bringing in an additional $58.2 million for a total of $109.9 million off of a $125 million dollar budget. As always, remember budgets don’t take into account marketing or the cost of prints, and foreign box office means less for the studio than domestic. Even if this film somehow gets to a worldwide total of $125 million, it will still be deeply in the red. As it stands, I highly doubt it will even get there.

Next week’s biggest releases are Hit & Run and Premium Rush, both opening in the sub-3,000 screen range, so don’t expect much from them.

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