August 26 2012

The Rocketeer Eyed for a Remake

The Rocketeer - 1991 Movie PosterRumors are circulating that Disney is looking at having another go at The Rocketeer.

Released in 1991, The Rocketeer was based off of a comic by Dave Stevens from the 1980s that was partially responsible for the resurgence in the popularity of 1950s pin-up girl Betty Page. The story centered around a test pilot who finds a prototype rocket pack and uses it to fight Nazis as “The Rocketeer.” It was a fun, quirky story with some great movie serial sensibilities to it that just made it a fun read as well as movie to watch.

Now Disney is apparently thinking about remaking it, but the problem is, Stevens passed away in 2008 at the age of 52 from “hairy cell leukemia.” He was a co-writer and producer on the original film, so he was able to watch over his creation, and sadly this new version – should it come to be – will doubtfully have the same love put into it.

At this time it appears Disney is hunting for a script, and its not a done deal. Even if this does come to be, or doesn’t, do yourself a favor and watch the 1991 version, its fun and entertaining. A new one is almost certain to miss the mark.

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