August 30 2012

Jersey Shore Canceled; The Nightmare Has Ended

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JWoww,Snooki, DJ Pauley D, The Situation, Sammi Sweetheart and the rest of the Jersey Shore crew are out of a job as MTV has announced the upcoming sixth season will be the last.

The sad thing about this? I was able to name all of those people without having watched a single episode of the series.

How is it that a show as repugnant as the Jersey Shore is able to worm itself so deeply into the national consciousness that I can name the majority of the cast without ever having watched it? I have to wonder what useful piece of information was kicked out of my brain to make room for this utter garbage.

With the announcement today that the show is coming to end, I feel like a long national nightmare has come to a close. My biggest regret is that we some how infected the U.K. before we cured the disease. Sorry about that.

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