August 31 2012

Tech on the Range – The Podcast of TechnoBuffalo

Tech on the Range - album coverI’m back in the podcasting game with a new show for TechnoBuffalo.

Although Scattercast is currently on hiatus due to my schedule – and the difficulty of doing a solo show – that doesn’t mean my love of podcasting has decreased in the least. With that in mind, and finally getting all of the pieces aligned, I introduce you to Tech on the Range, the podcast of TechnoBuffalo.

This new show is going to be a weekly roundtable discussion amongst various members of the TechnoBuffalo staff. The general rule of thumb will be myself and Senior Gaming Editor Joey Davidson filling two of the seats with the third one rotating somewhat. Most of the time it will be filled by Senior Mobile Editor Todd Haselton, but for Episode #0 we brought in Jon Rettinger, the president of the company.

We;re looking forward to a doing this for a long time to come, and we have many plans along the way for different stages of the show. For now, sit back and enjoy the first episode. I won’t be posting these here every week, but I wanted to at least introduce all of my readers to the show.

Subscribe to the show on iTunes. If you’re not an iTunes user, you can use this RSS feed right now.

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