September 2 2012

The Avengers Passes $1.5 Billion in Global Box Office

Avengers movie posterThe Avengers is still bringing in the cash despite having released nearly four months ago, and has now passed $1.5 billion in global box office.

Although The Avengers secured it spot as the third biggest film of all time some time ago, it’s still bringing in the money and passed $1.5 billion this weekend. There is little chance of catching second place Titanic (currently in re-release and sitting at $2.185 billion), but this is still an extremely respectable showing for a super hero film. Well, heck, it is the biggest super hero film now.

Many people thought it was insanity hen Disney bought Marvel three years ago for $4 billion, but somehow it seems unlikely that anyone is thinking that at this point. This $1.5 billion is of course not pure profit, not even close, but when you add in home video sales, television rights, merchandising and so on from all of the various Marvel movies … yep, Disney is the one laughing all the way to the bank at this point.

Considering the upcoming slate of films and television series, this may be one of the smartest business purchases ever.

(For the record, I always knew it was going to pay off, but the “experts” had some questions about it)

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