September 3 2012

The Possession Takes the Top Spot as Summer Goes Out With a Whimper

The Possession movie posterThe summer of 2012 is not going to go down as a good one for the movie industry despite a few hits.

This summer may have started off with the monster hit of The Avengers, but since then it has been one car wreck after another at the box office. As we close out the season, the weekend is coming seven percent down from last year’s Labor Day weekend, so things have not been going well.

There was one more surprise for the year as The Possession did better than expected bringing $17.7 million this weekend off of a $14 million budget. Not too shabby.

The new Shia LaBeouf vehicle, Lawless, opened soft with $9.6 million. Gee, no one wanted to see this talentless actor in a period action film? Go figure.

Third place went to The Expendables 2 which brought in another $8.8 million. While it hasn’t performed as well as the original, it hasn’t done badly either. Talks of a third installment in the series have been underway for some time now.

The Bourne Legacy is now outperforming some of its predecessors in the series after getting off to a slow start and brought in another $7.2 million.

Fifth place was rounded out by the kids horror comedy ParaNorman that came in with $6.5 million.

Far more interesting than the top five this week was some of the lower ranked films. The Odd Life of Timothy Green is holding on to its numbers extremely well with only a 15 percent dip in its third weekend and adding screens instead of losing them. On the flip side, Total Recall has officially turned in to a train wreck. In only its fifth week of release the film has fallen to 19th place, is down to 756 screens and brought in a laughable $885,000 this weekend. Its domestic total now stands at $56.7 million off of a $125 million budget.

There was a record set this weekend, and boy is it a doozy. No, I’m not talking about The Avengers hitting $1.5 billion, I’m talking about the absolute disaster that was Oogieloves In The BIG Balloon Adventure. Opening on 2,160 screens, the movie has set a record for the lowest ever opening gross for a film opening on more than 2,000 with … are you sitting down? … $448,000. That works out to a per screen average of $207. This “from out of nowhere” kids movie had a $20 million dollar budget. Can we say “complete disaster,” kids? I knew you could.

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