September 5 2012

Dredd Motion Comic Gives You the History of Ma-Ma

I’ll say this for Lionsgate, they are definitely trying to step up the promotion of Dredd 3D.

I said some time ago that a lot of the success of Dredd 3D would rely on how the film was marketed. While I still think Lionsgate is playing a bit too much to the core audience – i.e. comic book fans that know how to find this stuff – it’s nice to see them at least trying. The latest effort is the motion comic you see above, or the more traditional comic you see below that will explain the character of Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) and how the drug Slo-Mo came about, and she apparently controls it.

No word if any of this will be detailed in the film, so it may make nice background info for you just in case.

Let me make something perfectly clear here: I know I have been covering this movie a lot, and I know that more than likely this film is not going to do well. I am not delusional, but darn it, I really want this go around for this character to work!


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