September 7 2012

Revolution Doesn’t Have Two Original Ideas to Rub Together


NBC has done it again … by delivering a completely uninspired sci-fi series.

Revolution has had a lot of buzz around it as J. J. Abrams is a producer, and Jon Favreau directed the pilot, but what ended up being produced was total and absolute rubbish. NBC opted to put the pilot episode online two weeks before it airs on television, and being one of the few shows I was intrigued by this fall, I gave it a watch.

I want my 44 minutes back.

The biggest crime Revolution commits is that it borrows from every other post-apocalyptic story you’ve ever seen … heavily. There were elements of The Postman, and Jericho, and The Walking Dead, and … and … and. There wasn’t an original idea anywhere in the mix from the themes (oh look, someone who was a small guy before the calamity is someone in a position of power afterwards) the one dimensional characters who wear their motivations on their sleeves.

And speaking of sleeves, I know this is minor, but take a look at the picture above. Notice anything wrong here? 15 years with no power. 15 years with no factories making clothes. Anyone else find everyone a bit too put together? I realize this is a TV show with an according budget, but does it really cost that much to fray the clothes a bit more? Maybe rub some dirt on them? No, Charlie’s brown leather jacket looks like she just picked it up at Macy’s. Yep, totally looks like the world they are supposed to inhabit.

From the opening moments of this show, it just goes off the rails, and when you get to the end and learn who “The General” is, it not only goes off the rails, it flies off the bridge into a ravine. (Just ask yourself two questions: Why now? Why wait? You’ll understand when you figure out who the General is.)

NBC has a track record of messing up sci-fi series, and I definitely think this one can be added to the pile. The embed is below for those who want to watch it. Sorry, it only works in the U.S.

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