September 10 2012

The Possession Wins Worst Box Office Weekend in Four Years

The Possession movie posterWelcome to the fall movie season, folks. What does this mean? Really unexciting box office numbers.

How unexciting? Well, this was the worst weekend of the year by 37 percent, and it was the worst performance since the same weekend in 2008. Pretty much everything underperformed.

Keeping the number one spot with a 46.4 percent drop was The Possession to bring in another $9.5 million. It’s domestic total is now at $33.3 million off of a $14 million budget, so it’s performing just fine.

Second place went to Lawless with a 40 percent drop to come in at $6 million. It’s current domestic total is $23.5 million, but no word as of yet on what its budet was.

Opening in third place was The Words with an anemic $5 million, and one of the worst openings ever for a wide release. But, seeing as Oogieloves In The BIG Balloon Adventure set the record last weekend for the worst opening ever in a 2,000+ screen release with $448,000, The Words didn’t do that badly. (Yes it did.) Can we all finally agree Bradley Cooper isn’t as big of a box office draw as Hollywood is trying to make him out to be? The only good news here is the budget was only $6 million.

The Expendables 2 came in fourth with $4.75 million, and is way off the pace of the original at this point. It is easily going to finish below $100 million domestic, but it’s performing decently overseas.

Rounding out the top five was The Bourne Legacy. The latest film in the series brought in an additional $4 million this weekend.

Considering how badly this summer performed, it shouldn’t be any surprise this fall is off to a weak start. Next week’s big releases are Finding Nemo 3D and Resident Evil: Retribution, which will probably be number one and number two respectively, but I wouldn’t expect anything huge out of them.

Interesting side note, Oogieloves In The BIG Balloon Adventure and Total Recall are still in theaters, but neither turned in numbers for the weekend as of yet. Embarrassed much?

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