September 15 2012

RoboCop Remake Suit Leaks Out on First Day of Shooting

Robocop remake suit leak

From the endless cesspool of unneeded remakes of 1980s films comes RoboCop.

Filming began today in Toronto, and already set photos have leaked out of what the new RoboCop suit will look like. Joel Kinnaman will be playing the role of Alex Murphy this time, taking over from Peter Weller in the original three films.

From first impressions – click the image for a larger view – it reads to me much more like armor than the original suit felt like a robot with human aspects. Yes, our ideas of the future have changed, but it just doesn’t feel as inhuman as the original did, which was part of the story. It was a robot with Murphy’s memories and face, but alien at the same time. This just feels like futuristic armor for a soldier.

We’ll see how it plays on film.

RoboCop will be released on August 9, 2013.

[via ComingSoon]

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