September 18 2012

Heathers Being Turned Into a TV Series for Bravo; This Won’t End Well

Heathers movie posterThere was one thing the 1980’s had going for it, it was teen films. From the classics like Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, there was a darker side going on as well with such choice films as Heathers and Pump Up the Volume. So, of course lets turn one of the darkest teen films ever, Heathers, into a dramedy for basic cable. This will work … really.

It was reported late last week that Bravo was looking into producing a scripted TV series that will serve as a follow-up to the original Heathers. After 20 years, Veronica – played by Winona Ryder in the original film – would move back to Sherwood with her teenage daughter who would encounter “the Ashleys,” the teenaged daughters of the two surviving Heathers.

Apparently the Heathers learned nothing from the happenings of the original film and kept their bitchy ways? Yeah, that makes total sense as they saw classmates killed and a student blowing himself up outside the front doors.

A lot of the … charm? … of the original film was its over the top antics and completely off the charts language. Anyone remember “F*** me gently with a chainsaw!”? Yeah, not exactly something that would work even on basic cable, but it was one of the most amazing lines in the movie.

If you’ve never seen the original 1988 film, do yourself the favor and watch it, and completely ignore whatever abomination this TV series turns out to be.

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