October 4 2012

Lone Ranger Trailer – What Did I Just Watch?

The first teaser trailer for The Lone Ranger has arrived, and I’m still not entirely sure what to make of it.

As projects go, this one has been an odd one. After a lengthy delay over budget issues, the movie finally got on track, but still no one was sure about the choice of Johnny Depp to play Tonto. Then the first picture came out of the leads in costume, and … yeah, things just got weirder.

With this trailer, hearing Depp speaking in his Tonto voice just makes you go, what in the world are they thinking? A $232 million budget for this? Are you kidding me? Yes, yes, Depp teamed back up with Gore Verbinski who directed the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films, and Jerry Bruckheimer producing, this should be set for a huge success, but everything about this project feels “off” somehow. Not only is it odd casting, but a train story? Really? How many stories have there been in the world about the evils of “the iron horse” coming to the West?

I wish all involved the best of luck, but I think we may be watching the dawn of the clunker of the 2013 summer season.

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