October 6 2012

Wizard of Oz to Get the 3D Release

Wizard of Oz - Dorothy's Reaction

There is a plan afoot to do a 3D up-conversion of the Wizard of Oz. I am officially turning in my card as a movie lover.

Long time friend and blog reader Jack tipped me off to this story last night, and I immediately just wanted to crawl under my bed and never come out. According to Bleeding Cool, Warner Bros. has hit upon the awesome idea of do a theatrical rerelease of the original Wizard of Oz to go along with the 75th anniversary of the film. And, yep, you guessed it, there is talk that there will be a 3D conversion to go along with this.

I’m sure trying to convert a film from 1939 to 3D will just work oh so well.

Actually, lets just forget how it will look. Instead lets just immediately agree that this should never even be considered for a second. There is absolutely no argument that anyone could ever make that would convince me otherwise.

Hopefully this will die on the vine before it ever comes to fruition, but it does remind of back in the 1980s when the technology became available to colorize films. Studios went bonkers trying to colorize everything, and it soon came to pass that they realized that no one really cared. You still see it show up here and there – most notably those endless commercials for the Shirley Temple film pack late at night on TV – but in general it past into history. The only benefit to those at the time was you could turn the color off on your TV and you would get a crisper image than usual because the studios had to find the best copies possible to run the process.

This time around? Zero benefit.

Take note studios, while I can’t speak for every person out there, I can almost guarantee you that no one really wants this.

[via Bleeding Cool, hat tip to Jack]

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