October 7 2012

Three Teachers and Two Administrators Charged in New Jersey Sex Scandal

Jeffrey Logandro, Nicholas Martinelli and Daniel Michielli

Three teachers at Triton Regional High School in New Jersey have been charged with having sexual relations with students, and an additional two administrators are being investigated for covering it up.

Late last week three teachers at Triton Regional High School – Daniel Michielli, 27, boys soccer coach and health teacher Nick Martinelli, 28,and girls’ cross country coach and math teacher Jeff Logandro, 32 – were charged with having sexual relations three separate girls at the school between Nov. 2011 and June 2012. Additionally, principal Catherine DePaul, 55, and vice principal Jernee Kollock, 39 were charged with failing to report the incidents to authorities.

Allegedly, DePaul learned of the first allegations in April when one of the girls informed a substitute teacher of the situation. The female student and substitute then went to DePaul with the information, and the girl was instructed to writer out her account. During this process the principal directed the student what to write and corrected it. DePaul has now admitted to not notifying the authorities even after she learned of the incident.

The three teachers have been placed on administrative leave at different times over the summer, and all three students are said to have graduated from the school this past June.

According to the charges, Michielli had sexual intercourse with the 17-year-old student female student during the school year. Marinelli, however, did not have intercourse with the girl in his case until after she turned 18 and had graduated, and only “kissed victim and touched her intimate parts on mulitiple occasions during the school year.” That resulted in him only being charged with second-degree official misconduct. Logandro is said to have only kissed his victim and touched her “intimate parts,” and later apologized to the girl’s parents for having kissed her.

The principal and vice-principal are charged with second-degree official misconduct and hindering an investigation.

Black Horse Pike Regional School District is said to have hired Braithwaite Communications, a Philadelphia-based PR firm, on Thursday to deal with the anticipated barrage of media coverage.

No word as of yet on what penalties or prison sentences any of the five could be facing.

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