October 11 2012

Made in Jersey Scores First Cancellation of the Season

Made in Jersey

If you had Made in Jersey in the office pool for the first cancellation of the TV season, you’ve won!

After only two episodes, CBS announced on Wednesday that it was pulling Made in Jersey from the schedule. The series will be replaced by a rotation of CBS repeats until Nov. 2 when Undercover Boss returns. While I didn’t expect the show to last, I wasn’t exactly thinking it would be the first one to take a bullet.

There have been no huge break out hits from the freshmen class this year, but there have been a few doing better than expected – such as Go On over at NBC – but in general you’ve just seen a whole lot of calls for The Mob Doctor to be put out of its misery. You can color me very not shocked by that.

Post your thoughts on what you think should be next for the chopping block.

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