October 13 2012

Next Caller Axed Before it Even Airs

Next Caller

How do you know your show is a bomb? When a network lets you film four episodes and then pulls the plug before they even air.

Aimed as a mid-season replacement series, Next Caller with Dane Cook was given a six episode order, but with four of them in the can, Deadline is reporting that NBC has pulled the plug and none of them will make it to air.

As I said when this series was announced:

Sean’s Take: Five years ago this would have been a smash hit, but I honestly quit reading the second I saw “Dane Cook.”

Dane Cook is not, nor has he ever been, funny. So I am a little less than surprised that this has been given the heave ho by NBC.

According to the report, the series was not developing creatively like the network hoped, and it decided to cut its loses. Considering that the Peacock Network is apparently doing the same with Mockingbird Lane, I think its safe to say that it is finally getting serious about pulling itself out of the gutter. At least in the case of that show the pilot will be burned off, so for four episodes of Next Caller to go unaired, it must have been a real stinker.

I think the winner in this situation is the viewing public. Thank you for coming to your senses, NBC.

[via Deadline]

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