October 15 2012

Taken 2 Wins its Second Weekend

Taken 2 movie posterDespite scathing reviews, people still want to see Taken 2.

Although it took a hit of 54.6 percent from its opening weekend, Taken 2 still came out on top this weekend with $22.5 million. It’s already grossed $86.7 million domestic off of a $45 million budget, so don’t be surprised if there is a talk of a third outing in this series.

The new true-life story of a rescue during the Iranian hostage crisis, Argo, came in second with $20.1 million. With excellent reviews, and a ton of good word-of-mouth, this one should have some definite staying power.

Sinister is the latest low budget horror film – a mere $3 million – to tear up the box office. Despite opening in third place, it brought in $18.25 million this weekend. People do seem to love their low budget horror.

Fourth place went to Hotel Transylvania which is doing better than most people expected. It brought in another $17.3 million to bring its domestic total to $102.1 million.

Here Comes the Boom, the latest abomination to star the wholly unfunny Kevin James, landed in fifth place with $12 million. Perhaps people are finally catching on that he just isn’t funny?

Next weekend sees Tyler Perry as Alex Cross and Paranormal Activity 4 scares up some dollars.

Dredd 3D brought in $123,000. Feel free to mock me in the comments.

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