October 17 2012

Ant-Man Set for Nov. 2015 Release Date

Ant-Man logo - 640

Disney has announced a release date for Ant-Man based on the Marvel Comics character: Nov. 6, 2015.

While Ant-Man has been in development for ages, it appears that Marvel has finally seen fit to say when we will see him hit the … er … big screen? While I has previously suspected his film would come out after Guardians of the Galaxy, but before The Avengers 2, he is now coming out six months after the latter. This immediately makes me believe we will be introduced to Hank Pym in the sequel to the blockbuster film, and then he will go off in his own adventure to kick off what will presumably be known as “Avengers Cycle 3.”

As it stands now, here is the lineup for the next six Marvel movies.

It looks like we’re going to a two-per-year system. If Disney/Marvel can keep producing the quality we’ve seen at that pace, more power to them, and I say bring it on.

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