October 20 2012

Justice League Movie Expected in 2015

Justice League by Alex Ross

Warner Brothers wants to move ahead with a Justice League movie finally, but it appears they are doing it backwards.

With a legal battle over the rights to Superman brought by the heirs of his creators, it appears Warner Brothers wants to accelerate the development of a Justice League movie. Unlike what Marvel did with building towards The Avengers by doing solo movies, an anonymous source speaking with Los Angeles Times says that the idea is to do the team movie and then spin out the heroes into their own movies.

Beyond making the audience wonder why these people would come together in a common fight, apparently Warner Brothers also thinks it’s a great idea to release the film in the same summer as The Avengers 2. Nah, this won’t backfire on them in the least!

Oh, Warner Brothers. What I wouldn’t give for you to finally treat these characters correctly instead of always rushing into things. You know, like you did with the horrific Green Lantern movie.

[via Los Angeles Times]

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  • Jack

    OK, here’s a wild-ass scenario. I’m not saying it’s a good bet, but consider it.

    Five years ago, I didn’t think Thor or Avengers or even Captain America would work as movies. I hadn’t figured on the groundwork they would establish with Iron Man and the Hulk and stingers in the credits; by the time we got to Avengers, they had all this groundwork laid and the movie worked like a charm. In fact, I think that Avengers might have worked even without all that groundwork…but then again, maybe not; they had built up a string of good scripts, good directors, great performances, so Avengers had momentum. Bright guys that they are at Marvel, they’re riding that momentum into additional cycles of movies.

    Consider, then, that the Avengers established a world where Norse techo-alien gods, gamma-ray-altered monsters, supersoldiers, and genius billionaire philanthropist technologists all play together, and there are menaces from the outer universe all happy to invade the earth. This isn’t an idea they have to sell us on again; they can comfortably set every successive Iron Man/Captain America/Thor/Hulk/Guardians of the Galaxy/Ant-Man/WHATEVER in this same universe without giving a lot of background or origin story stuff.

    Consider, too, that it is a truth universally acknowledged by anyone who’s not a superhero comics fan (90% of the audience of these movies) that the DC and Marvel universes are actually pretty hard to tell apart, when all you’re looking at the broad strokes. Both have magic, aliens, magical aliens; monsters and mutants; heroes in bright colors; otherworldly menaces; genius billionaire philanthropist technologists; etc. Yes, I can nitpick the differences–the more iconic or mythic DC, the more soapy or realistic Marvel–but I’m telling you now, most viewers of Chris Nolan’s Batman movies don’t particularly care whether it’s set in Gotham or New York City.

    What I’m saying is that Justice League may not have to do what Avengers did, slowly building a world to make it plausible (kind of) that all these odd characters are working together. Avengers did all the hard work of establishing the genre expectations; all Justice League has to do is handwave it. In fact, I think I would prefer a Justice League movie that’s NOT an origin story.

    I think they will probably have to avoid Darkseid, though, assuming that Thanos is the big bad in Guardians of the Galaxy. The characters are too similar. Kind of funny, since I think Darkseid came first…

    • That … oddly made a ton of sense. Not that you don’t make sense, but for such a wild theory, I totally followed it, and yeah, that might very well work.

      And yes, Darkseid came first by quite a bit. I think Boom Tubes may hav pre-dated the Rainbow Bridge (in the Marvel sense) as well, but it would need to be avoided.

      Course now starts the wild speculation of what the enemy/enemies will be to bring the JLA together. I could see maybe Brainiac being a large enough menace and easy to tie in to the upcoming Superman film.

  • Jack

    Oh, and Boom Tubes are also out. Too much like the Bifrost effect in Thor.