October 20 2012

Justice League Movie Expected in 2015

Justice League by Alex Ross

Warner Brothers wants to move ahead with a Justice League movie finally, but it appears they are doing it backwards.

With a legal battle over the rights to Superman brought by the heirs of his creators, it appears Warner Brothers wants to accelerate the development of a Justice League movie. Unlike what Marvel did with building towards The Avengers by doing solo movies, an anonymous source speaking with Los Angeles Times says that the idea is to do the team movie and then spin out the heroes into their own movies.

Beyond making the audience wonder why these people would come together in a common fight, apparently Warner Brothers also thinks it’s a great idea to release the film in the same summer as The Avengers 2. Nah, this won’t backfire on them in the least!

Oh, Warner Brothers. What I wouldn’t give for you to finally treat these characters correctly instead of always rushing into things. You know, like you did with the horrific Green Lantern movie.

[via Los Angeles Times]

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