November 8 2012

Average Movie Ticket Prices Drop Slightly, but Don’t Get Too

The average price of a movie ticket fell this quarter, but don’t think you’ll be seeing any of those “savings.”

The National Association of Theater Owners issued it’s quarterly report of what the average movie ticket price is in the U.S., and there was a 4.2 percent from last quarter. The issue is that the new price of $7.78 – down from $8.12 – was reached by theaters selling fewer premium tickets for things such as 3D and IMAX showings. As I’ve been reporting for some time now, the past few months have been way off the mark at the box office, and that is obviously now showing in less money being collected.

The new average was also off the same quarter last year by 2 percent, which was $7.94.

To try to get those numbers back up, NATO included a factoid that the average price around this time in 1972 was a $1.70, and adjusted for inflation that would be $9.41 in today’s currency.

You know what the difference is here? 1972 saw films such as Cabaret, Deliverance, The Godfather, Lady Sings the Blues, What’s Up, Doc? and a ton more. Tell me, where are the films of those caliber these days? Has there been any movie this year that you think people will be quoting 40 years from now? Any film that will work itself into the zeitgeist of the film going public?


So I tell you what, NATO, when you start getting Hollywood to turn out films of those caliber again, then I will think your prices are a bargain.

[via Deadline]

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