November 17 2012

ABC Cancels Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue

Last Resort logo

ABC has added two more freshman series to the cancelation pile in the form of Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue.

The pile of freshman series corpses is growing quickly as we approach the back nine order window for the last part of the season. As most shows start with 13 episodes, as those finish filming it’s time for the networks to order more, and it just seems that not too many new shows are getting that order. Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue was both expensive series to produce, and pretty weak ratings led to their respective demises.

I can’t say as I’m surprised by either of these shows getting the axe as neither sounded like overly strong concepts to me from the outset.

The unaired episodes of both series will be burned off in their normal time slots until they run out of them. No word as of yet on what will be replacing either of them.

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