November 29 2012

And Another Game Down

Old Trafford 11-28-12

On Wednesday Nov. 28, 2012 I was able to attend my third Manchester United match … and come to hate late people even more.

After a delightful pre-game evening in the Europa Suite – read: Too blasted expensive – we went out to our seats and settled in for the match against West Ham. The seats were filling up and kick-off came promptly at 8 PM. I thought I had somehow lucked out and the three seats to my left were empty.

As play began, the people for the seats showed up, and I stood up to let them in as I was in the aisle seat. As I turned to lower my seat bottom and sit back down, and … the crowd roared. Manchester United had scored. 31 seconds into the match, we were on the board and I had missed it. Ugh, stupid people showing up late, but surely that wouldn’t be the only goal …

It was the only goal.

Come on people, sit down on time!

Despite no more goals coming, we played well, had numerous attempts on goal and distinctly outplayed West Ham. The defense was enough to keep us at bay and not allow us any truly clear attacks.

All that being said, I’m thrilled I got to come back, and who knows, I may return again some day, but I doubt it. While I want to¬†continue¬†travelling internationally, I can’t just keep coming to England, there is a whole world out there outside of Old Trafford, and I’ve definitely got a taste for seeing more of it.

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