December 6 2012

Star Trek: Into Darkness Teaser Trailer

The wait is over, the first teaser trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness is here.

The 2009 Star Trek film was a surprise hit. While some thought it would do well, no one could predict just how well it would do with die-hard fans. I was among them expecting to strongly dislike the reboot, but once I watched it, I was won over. An amazing balance was struck that paid it’s dues to what had come before while opening a whole new world for the franchise.

And, once again, an international trailer is cut differently. This one from Japan hints at one most of the iconic scenes in all of Star Trek history.

Now was can expect to see Star Trek: Into Darkness hitting theaters on May 17, 2013, and I am shocked by how much I am anticipating this movie. Can they capture the lightning from 2009 again? Only time will tell.

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